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Woo Tea London

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Restaurant, Tea room Soho

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Authentic tea on the go

Chinatown has recently become one of the new favourite locations for instagrammers in London. We have seen how the number of places that offered instafood -aka really nice presented food with the sole purpose of taking a photo- increased over the years. That is how we found Woo Tea. We had heard that it was one of the best bubble teas in London so we couldn’t wait to go try it out ourselves.

Woo Tea is a small tea shop in the heard of Chinatown. Even it doesn’t have seating space and the capacity is limited, its popularity is absolute as you will always find a queue outside at any time of the day. We tried the “Woo milk tea with pearls” and the “Purple potato milk with pearls” and we absolutely loved them! Even we are not bubble tea experts, we genuinely enjoyed both options.

In our opinion, their presentation is a plus. The design of the cups makes it look even more authentic and the colourful teas give you the perfect opportunity for an instashot. Even the location is perfect. You can enjoy your drink in a summer evening with the Chinatown garlands in the background… It couldn’t be better!

Woo Tea is a great option if you are around Soho and feel like a nice iced tea on the go. We highly recommend it!

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