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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Restaurant, Japanese Marylebone

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A Japanese hidden gem

Hidden inside of the The Prince Akatoki hotel in Marylebone, we found a little oasis in the middle of this chaos that we call London.

The first impression always counts and in this case we were amazed since the moment we stepped through the front door. An oriental styled hotel welcomes us to what it seems like entering another world. The fact that you have to walk through the peaceful reception creates an intimate atmosphere that leads to our delightful Japanese fusion restaurant.

At Tokii they are proud of their philosophy based on the “elegance of Japanese hospitality” and we couldn’t have experienced it more. The service was impeccable, only exceeded by the taste and presentation of its cuisine. We chose wagyu skewers and the assortment of nigiri and sashimi for starters, which we thought was going to be impossible to overcome. However, the mains we tried (black cod and steamed mussels) left us speechless. They also have a wide variety of drinks and amazing desserts.

This discovery has become one of the best Japanese restaurants we have tried in London and we certainly recommend the experience for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day!

Tokii claims that “the presentation is there to elevate your experience and make sure you have a memorable time.” Well, we certainly did!

Andrea Blazquez


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50 Great Cumberland Pl, Marylebone, London W1H 7FD

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