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The Sweet Drop

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Restaurant, Online Candy Shop Essex based/ UK Delivery

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A bag of joy delivered to your door

The Sweet drop is one of the most original online businesses we have seen in a long time. Started as a family business only a few months ago, they decided to go forward with this sweet idea just to keep themselves busy in times of lockdown.

And we believe it is a visionary idea, indeed! Who would have thought there was no longer need to go to the candy shop to pick your own sweets? Now the Sweet Drop delivers a full bag of candy to your doorstep!

You can choose between the standard or family pack, or order as many bags as you want if you have a sweet-tooth! They also offer personalised gift bags to send to your loved ones during these times. With a handwritten message it is in fact the sweetest surprise!

We absolutely love how full the pre made bags are and the amount of different sweets you find in them! Although we would love to see the option of choosing our own candy to fill them up with our very favourites. Maybe coming up soon?

You will definitely love the Sweet Drop if you are a sweet addict and can’t go to your favourite candy shop these days, or if you just have a craving for sweet and want something completely out of the ordinary be brought to you!

Andrea Blazquez

Contact: @thesweetdrop_

Available to place orders through Instagram

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