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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

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Sweet creations on a stick

Probably you are still not familiar with these, but we promise you that after trying them, your life will change completely, ours did! As foodies we have tried an endless variety of desserts and sweet snacks: ice cream on a doughnut, personalised cupcakes, bubble wrap waffles… but never a cake on a stick! And since then we can’t wait for the next event or birthday to go order a box ourselves!

Pop Bakery is a family business that started in 2010 and that has been delivering these original and delicious chocolate cakes for a decade now. They specialise in mixed boxes for special occasions but also sell the individual pops by themselves. They can create personalised pop cakes for any kind of event: from weddings, birthdays, baby showers or even corporate events!

When we saw them online the first time we thought they looked amazing. These cute little creations had so much detail that could even be considered works of art! We also loved the original presentation, as they are delivered on a lollipop stick. However, after visiting their store and having the chance to try them ourselves we were amazed! They proudly announce in their website that they “haven’t changed their cake recipe ever because it’s the best”, and we couldn’t agree more! Probably one of the most delicious chocolate cakes we have ever tried. If you are a little pastry chef, you might want to know that they also sell pop paint in case you are feeling inspired and want to try and decorate your own cakes as well.

Pop Bakery is indeed the perfect option for your next party or event. Also, your set of pops will be delivered in a personalised box with a unique design and a handwritten message. Definitely the perfect surprise for your loved ones!

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