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Kezi’s Kitchen

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Restaurant, Online Cake Shop London based / UK delivery

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Brownie delivery anyone?

During this recent lockdown we have certainly noticed a booming of online businesses, especially the food ones. All of the sudden, we started seeing how all of these new Instagram accounts advertising homemade food were taking over our feed, growing and expanding nonstop! Even though this pandemic has had horrible consequences and mostly negative effects to our society and especially to the hospitality sector, this we believe is a ray of sunshine for those small businesses that had the innovative idea to start pursuing their passion from home.

Most of them started just to fill up the time, like Kezi’s Kitchen, a London based pastry chef and brownie addict that creates and delivers to your door the most delicious cakes!

She claims that baking had been her therapy for many years and the only activity that kept her grounded, so she started making a lot of cakes during lockdown, like enormous quantities of chocolate and sugar! The production volume was so high and her family could not possibly eat any more that she had to find a way to get it out of the house. And that is how she started a little cake delivery business from home and thanks to that we got to try her amazing Lotus and Oreo brownies!

Back in May before her business took off, she started by holding two charity fundraisers: “Goods for Good UK” and “MIND UK” during the mental health awareness week. For her, Kezi’s Kitchen is not about the money. The goal was always to make people happy through her baking and keeping herself sane during lockdown.

One thing we know for sure is that social media makes creating a home business easier than ever. A nice alternative for baking addicts and another way to make us foodies happier than ever without having to leave the house!

Andrea Blazquez

Contact: @keziskitchen

Available to place orders through Instagram

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