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Humble Crumble

Restaurant, Apple Crumble Shop Spitalfields

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Britain’s most loved dessert like we haven’t seen it before

Hidden in the wonders of Spitalfields Market we found a little gem for us apple crumble lovers. 

Humble Crumble is a little shop made and ready to be photographed. Its pink layover is just the beginning of the most instagrammable dessert you will try in North London. These artisan made crumbles combined with their amazing and colorful toppings lead to the most beautiful result we have seen condensed in a cup.

You can choose between a classic apple crumble, one mixed with berry or even a cold one with peach in it! After that, the most difficult part: choosing the toppings. Pick between Bourbon vanilla custard, clotted vanilla ice cream, thick cream or blowtorched marshmallow. Or simply do what we did: have them all! And the outcome will be worth an Instagram shot. Also, suited for vegans!

It does taste delicious, but we were curious about its name: why a “humble crumble”? They explained to us that “they are committed to making each crumble as humble as possible by making them sustainable.” So their desserts are eco-friendly, which is great! They are dedicated to reduce waste, Co2 emissions as well as food waste. After hearing this, it certainly made us feel better about eating our body weight in crumble treats.

If apple crumble is your favourite dessert, this is a must go for you! But if it is not, we still recommend you to stop by if you are around the area and you won’t regret it at all! That is only if you survive your food coma, of course!

Andrea Blazquez


Old Spitalfields Market, 16 Commercial St, E1 6EW

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