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THE BEACH SERIES. Frensham Beach: the perfect alternative for lazy Londoners

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

A good option for a quick dip on a hot summer day

Let’s be honest, London has a lot of good things but an easy escape to the beach is not one of them. After long journeys to the beautiful coast of Kent and the magnificent cliffs of Dover, we wanted to stay more local for a weekend and try out a beach where we could get to in less than an hour.

This is how we found this hidden- not so hidden- spot of Surrey: Frensham Great Pond or more commonly known as Frensham beach. As we are used to the traditional Mediterranean coast, we were very curious to discover such an unusual place: a pond hidden in a natural reserve that has been partially converted into a beach. Follow us in our journey and it will be the best experience of your weekend...

If you are an early bird and you are lucky, you can easily get there in less than an hour. But who can predict London’s traffic, right? Alternatively, you can take a train from Waterloo to the town of Farnham and continue with a local bus.

Instead of leaving the car in the parking next to the beach, we went for the scenic route and parked in The Holly Bush, a very charming pub with amazing food, by the way. From there we enjoyed a 30 minute walk through the dense woods of the Frensham reserve, following a path that led us to the Great Pond. Probably the best of the day was indeed taking that route and getting to enjoy Mother Nature at its finest. As they say: “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey”!

The beach itself is not a beach in the traditional sense of the word, but a big pond with a little access to the water for those brave enough to swim. The water quality has recently been rated as “excellent” by the Environment Agency. But if you are the one who prefers sunbathing all day, good news: it is a sandy beach so you can lie comfortably on your towel surrounded by water reeds and a gentle breeze. Frensham beach has also a picnic area and a strategically located little café perfect for that well deserved ice cream.

We certainly enjoyed our first experience in Frensham Great Pond but again: do not leave without exploring the footpaths around the reserve; it will make your experience even greater! Trust us, after a day in this little oasis you are surely ready to go back to London’s reality!

Andrea Blazquez

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