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How flavoured butter will change your life forever

Just when you thought that butter didn’t have anything else to offer

We use it every morning, we see it every time we open the fridge, and probably we buy a brand-new packet every week, but we haven’t really given it much thought, right? You probably think that it is just butter.

Well, you might not know that butter has been around for over 9.000 years, although it was first used for medicinal purposes. In ancient Rome, they used butter as a remedy for cough and aching joints. It wasn’t until later that people started using it in their cooking. Now, some cuisines might use it more than others, but it is part of everyone's day-to-day life.

Some might like butter more than others (we definitely belong to the butter lovers' group!) but its power to change and improve any meal’s flavour is undeniable.

If you are ready to go further and you are looking for a real game changer, herby and flavoured butter are a must try. You probably have heard of these already, but we just happened to discover them thanks to Bullion Butter. This family run business based in Surrey produces hand-made butter in the middle of the idyllic English countryside. But it wasn’t until the beginning of the pandemic that they decided to share a bit of Surrey’s freshness and purity by selling their butter online.

They are proud to be offering “the gold standard of butter” and after trying their delicious and fragrant flavours we can only agree with that! Our very favourite: Bullion Garlic and Herb, without a doubt!

As real butter addicts, we truly enjoyed it on toasts, but Bullion is ideal to enhance and enrich any dish. Just melt it into any food for a tasty and buttery punch. Is your mouth watering already?

According to a recent survey we conducted, 99% of Londoners said that they absolutely love butter and use it on a daily basis. For those that like us a soft brioche with spread butter tastes like heaven, flavoured butter will change - maybe not your life - but definitely your cooking forever.

Andrea Blazquez

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