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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

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A new discovery for our palate

Before we decided to try Biju tea, we were always wondering: what was that drink people kept posting pictures of and why was it so popular? It definitely looked very Instagrammable but what exactly was it and most importantly, what were those bubbles at the bottom? We couldn’t figure it out.

If you are still wondering, you might want to know that Bubble Tea was born in Taiwan in the 1980’s. It is basically iced tea with milk topped with tapioca-type balls or also called “bobas” that are made from the cassava root. They are cooked in sugar and water until they reach that chewy consistency (finally, the mystery of the bubbles resolved!). After this, and seen its popularity, we couldn’t wait to go and try it ourselves!

Biju is a small tea shop in the middle of Soho that offers all the different kind of bubble teas you can ever imagine. An endless variety of iced teas, fruity or milk teas, even coconut water! The toppings go from the traditional tapioca pearls to jelly, popping fruits or chia seeds. Only made with fresh ingredients and organic milk, Biju is the perfect option for an iced tea on the go.

Our personal choice was the Thai milk tea with Passion Fruit as the bottom pearls and we absolutely loved it. Its sweet taste reminded us of drinking a very light but delicious milkshake.

It certainly is a very unique drink, with a very particular aesthetic - perfect for the gramm-, but it also tastes amazing! After our discovery, we agree: it is totally worth a try even if it’s just to add some color to your feed!

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